Fine and Performing Arts
Fine and Performing Arts

Fine Arts

Drawing and Painting is a course designed as a survey of the foundations of art. Students will explore the relationship of the artist and the cultural/political environment. An overview of the elements and principles of art will be integrated with art production and criticism. Students will learn the elements of the art process so they can apply this knowledge to their creative artworks. Students will read and write about the lives and works of influential artists and movements. 

Performing Arts
The purpose of this course is to provide students with instruction in the development of musicianship and technical skills through study of varied band literature.
The purpose of this course is to enable students with some choral background to develop on healthy and expressive singing, accurate interpretation of notation, and development of critical and aesthetic response to music. This course will specifically focus on grade level vocal production, choral performance techniques, music literacy, sight reading and ear training, elements and characteristics of music, improvisation, composition, and arranging, performance analysis, role and influence of choral music and musicians, connections between music and other subject areas
The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop knowledge and skills in varied dance styles through acquisition of technique, choreographic skill, aesthetic awareness, and performance quality within a cultural and historical context.
The purpose of this course is to develop and extend the understanding of styles and idiomatic performance techniques of representative contemporary popular music and jazz literature. Course content includes the rehearsal and performance of diverse popular and idiomatic jazz literature and basic improvisation.​
The purpose of this course is to provide experience in theatre arts and literature. The content includes, performance of dramatic literature, a short study of theatre history, analysis of dramatic literature, play production procedures, the study of acting methods, work in acting and directing experiences. In addition, the content includes a study of all areas of technical theatre, including set, costume, and lighting design and practical application. Students are required to participate in all the acting activities of the class, including various performances in front of the class. This is a co-curricular class and participation in after school activities such as play rehearsals, productions, and drama festivals is encouraged. Journals and other writing and reading activities are required.​​
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