Waiver Procedures


  1. Waivers are given to students who are on Free/Reduced lunch: (2) ACT and (2) SAT          

  2. Registration for the exam will take place in the College & Career office (within the admin office) during lunch

    1. Before you come to the office to register make sure you have completed the following:

      1. Set-up your profile: SAT (collegeboard.org) ACT (actstudent.org)

      2. Send a picture to your e-mail. Please review the requirements on the site. Some students use their picture from ORBIT.

      3. Once you have completed these steps, you may come in during lunch to use a computer and register for the test date of your choice.


*Students who DO NOT show up for a scheduled SAT/ACT exam will have to pay for the next exam before receiving another waiver.